Scientific breakthrough could unlock the mystery to service dogs and epilepsy….by Christa Pynn

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****Imagine a product that could potentially warn a person with epilepsy they were going to have a seizure 20 minutes before it happened, that would guide them to a safe place and alert others of the urgent situation. What if I could offer you a product that would reduce anxiety, reduce fear in the caretakers and help bring purpose and joy into the life of a person living with Epilepsy?

I have worked with animals all of my life. I owned and operated a mobile dog grooming business from 1990 to 2000, and I developed a equine riding center from 2001-2010. I trained many horses through a form of natural horsemanship and worked with many children and adults living with disabilities, such as autism and epilepsy. I have seen the healing power of animals.

One of my closest friends of twenty years has recently received a service dog that has the rare ability to read her seizures 20 minutes before they happened. I have personally watched this dog, completely change the lives of this family. Kathy Adams has lived with a seizure disorder for 37 years, and it has only continued to get worse.  The opportunity for them to receive a dog was a miracle. I decided to do a story on Kathy and her service dog “Star.” This opened the door to a whole new world. They introduced me to Canine Support Teams and they allowed me to follow them around and film the whole process of what it takes to become a service dog.

The one missing piece to providing service dogs to the epileptic community, is they have no way of knowing if a service dog will have this rare intuitive ability to connect with the electric activity going on in the brain of someone having a seizure. The fact that service dogs can have this ability is an amazing break through, but with out having the ability to breed or find these specialized dogs, the service dog organizations are limited on what they can offer people with epilepsy. Kathy was very fortunate to have found Star, so we know by her case and many others that this ability is possible.  In my proposal, I believe, I have a scientific way, although, alternative in nature, to provide a tool, to locate these dogs and train them up in a special way, which will serve the epileptic Community. In my proposal, these dogs will be born this year, from February 26, 2013- March 10, 2013. They would have to go through a two-year training process before they could reach the patients hands. These dogs could potentially live a ten- year life span, bringing relief and safety to people with epilepsy.


By: Christa Pynn



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