A “Spirit” appeared in my sunrise video this morning. October 7, 2013~by C.L.Pynn

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This was such a miraculous morning. I just happened to look outside and see the sunrise, I stumbled out there with my camera and out of no where my horse appeared. I honestly thought it was a ghost. He somehow, worked the door open on his corral.

The next day, my sister was telling me about seeing pennies everywhere and thinking of our dad (my dad passed in 1997).

The song I chose, talks about pennies in a well. The same day, a dear friend of mine shared with me, he had a dream about my dad, and gave me a very powerful message. So, this video has some depth behind it. More may unfold. :) )



Horse and Rider~Feel The Ride…

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Destiny and I, thirteen year relationship in the making…By Christa Lynn


He had placed a golden nugget of belief, deep inside a little horse…by Christa Pynn

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Last night, I was reflecting on my first horse trainer, Vern. I didn’t plan on crying, as I reflected back on what he handed down to me, and how many years it took me, to see the value in what he gave me. I thought I would share a little piece of my story with you. If only to remind us, to value the people, who have believed in us, you never know how far reaching that gift can be….
“It was an unusually quiet day on the ranch. I felt compelled to hop on my old faithful mare, Wiskit. I had basically retired her, arthritis had riddled her body from the many years of barrel racing. Over the years, I had made many changes in my horsemanship, but she was my childhood horse, and we had many years of old patterns in our communication.
This day was different. I picked up the reins and suddenly, Wiskit, began to respond in a way, I didn’t expect. I gently asked her to drop her head, and she did. She then moved into the prettiest little jog, my body moved in perfect synastry. I decided to make a turn, she gave me a perfect roll back. I asked her to stop, as I exhaled. She stopped on a dime, with her head down low.
Tears of joy, began to stream down my face. You see, Vern, my first horse trainer, had believed in me, at 13. In this moment, 20-years later, I could see the work he had put into my little mare. Being a young girl, I never slowed down enough, to really appreciate the intricate details of his work. His commitment to me and my little horse during those beginning years, was now coming through.
I held the key all along, but now, somehow, someway, I was able to unlock the treasure, that was buried deep inside of her. Wiskit must of also believed I was ready and she could now trust me with the softest part of herself.
That day, she showed me what she could do. I couldn’t help but have flashes, of the hundreds of miles we rode together; riding through the hills, with her neck braced, and head in the air, while she ran through every cue. All the years of blaming her….
The part of the story that amazes me the most, was Vern; he had given me the gift of his time and commitment. Looking back, I know I didn’t fully understand what he was giving me. Yet, his integrity, as a teacher, never wavered.
He placed a golden nugget of belief, deep inside a little horse. No guarantees, I would ever find this treasure, but I did find it, locked away, in a little mare, ready to be opened, ONLY, when I was ready to receive.”
by Christa Pynn

Horsemanship Series: Safety, looking through the mind of the horse. By Christa Pynn

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It is so amazing to me that horses can adapt in our world. They have to deal with loud noises, equipment, and changes in their environment everyday.  In the wild, they would use their flight instincts to get away from anything that felt threatening, but in our world, we spend countless hours trying to kill that instinct. It is a necessary evil, to survive our world.

Working with as many horses as I have over the years, I have seen many accidents that could have been prevented.  If we can stop, just for a minute, and see things through the horses perspective, I believe we can prevent accidents that leave horse and owner traumatized.

Take a minute and look around the environment you set up for your horse. Yes, sometimes we have to picture the worst case scenario. It can be easy to fall into a false security, even with our good ol’ horses. I often hear things like, “Oh no, he’s fine or he would never do that.”  We must remember that at the deepest level of every horse is a gift that was given to him, the gift of survival and flight instinct, set him up for success so he doesn’t have to use it in our care.


By Christa Pynn

In The Saddle: Overcoming Fear and Riding with Freedom. By Christa Pynn

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Warming up your horse should be fun. Join me, as I ride “Sugar” for the first time, working on freeing up the energy, and timing myself to his natural rhythms.

By Christa Pynn

Joyce Chartier; Celebrating women with vision. By Christa Pynn

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In this month’s article, I had the privilege of celebrating a very special woman. Although, I have never met her personally, just glancing at her program touched my heart in a very powerful way.
The Internet can be a very useful tool in sharing our life experiences, but only a few people are gifted, in such a way that their love and devotion for horses and kids comes right off the page and into our hearts.
Joyce Chartier, who owns and operates Choyce Acres is an incredible example of the commitment behind a dream.
As I created this video, I had the opportunity to not only see into the life of this program, but to feel the heart of this woman and her vision.
In every picture I observed; I felt the joy, dedication and the hard work that it takes to actually live out this vision.
At first glance, you may see a wonderful riding program, but look closer at the soft hands embracing the reins, the confidence in their connection with horses and by no means, should we discount their ability to ride like the wind.
This does not happen over night, this comes from years of training and years of opportunity, learning in a safe, loving, and knowledgeable environment.
Through my years of running a riding program, I know what it takes to develop young confident riders. Joyce Chartier is not on the sidelines, but demonstrates a true cowgirl, giving of herself and leading the way by example. You can see the depth of her passion and experience in every picture, spilling over into the lives of those who surround her.
Take a few minutes and join me in this inspirational video and enter into one woman’s years of commitment to her dream.
By Christa L. Pynn
For more information about Choyce Acres:
6450 SW Markel Street
Palm City, Florida 34990

Phone (772) 485-1903
Email choyceacres@gmail.com
Website http://www.choyceponies.com

Visit us at: www.animalkrackersmonthly.com for more amazing stories of real people and real pets!

Happy Valentines Day: I have the card that keeps on giving. “Video Card” for any occasion.

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With all of the great summer events and birthdays coming up, I have the gift that keeps on giving. Ever thought of a video card? Now, you can put all those phone videos to use. I can customize a video for any occasion. Here is a (3min) sample of my “Valentine Video Card.” You can contact me at: animalkrackersmonthly@gmail.com for special packages and deals.::)))
Happy Valentines: Order your “Video Card.” Contact: Christa Lynn at animalkrackersmonthly@gmail.com
Happy Valentines: This is the card that keeps on giving. I can customize your video just for you. Call for information and package options. (951)490-6074  Produced by Christa Pynn

How to Write a Book: Video Journal (Day 2) Using social media to spotlight your writing. By Christa Pynn

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Using social media to spotlight your writing is a great way to let your audience know what you can do.  In this video journal, I ask my Facebook friends, if they have any questions on having a better relationship with their horses. This is something I am passionate about, and love the chance to share my knowledge and insight.  This strategy is a great way to connect with others and “spotlight” your writing.

Thanks for watching. I welcome your comments!


The making of the “Black Feather.” Follow my new children’s series in the making. By Christa Pynn

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I was a young girl, born in the city, who has had a passion for horses since I can remember. My passion turned into a reality when at 13, I got my first horse. I spend many years developing the art of horse communication, until finally at 30 years old, my dream came true when I bought a 12 acre piece of land, in Menifee Valley, California.

I began to build a horse ranch from the ground up.  In 2001, I  opened the doors to my horse-riding program. Kids came to take lesson from all over the community. I was living out my dream when the economy began to decline, the ranch began to feel the stress. In the middle of trying to save the ranch from financial decline, a tragedy struck the ranch; 500,000 killer bees set up camp in one of our barns and ended up attacking and killing two  of the horses living on the ranch.

Watching this take place left me in such a state of shock. I decided to give the ranch back to the bank and never look back. Until, I met a very spiritual woman, who told me she could see Native Americans surrounding my ranch. This got my attention, especially  knowing there was an old ancient Indian Village on the ranch, once inhabited by the Luiseno Indians.

Another unusual thing happened at this time. A strange ranch dog was abandoned on the ranch. He was always playing in the rocks where the Indian Village once dwelt.  I always felt he had a strange way about him. I just knew he was different and he made me feel safe when I was in his presence.

My story, “The Black Feather” is based on a true story, my true story. I am excited to share the incredible experiences I have had working with hundreds of horses and kids in my community, in my first book.

I have so many great plans for this story, including an in depth research on the lives of the Luiseno Indians, who made their home in Menifee Valley, California. Our valley is very special and the history that I have found through my research, will give this story an awesome foundation.

In my current class, I am working on telling the story through fantasy/science fiction.  The opportunities for this story to reach so many people and pass down the ancient Native American wisdom that once dwelt in our land, are endless.

At Full Sail University, I have the privilege of learning how to tell digital stories. This 6-min video is an example of telling a story through visual media. Hope you enjoy.

Follow the making of the “Black Feather” on www.animalkrackersmonthly.com



“How to Write a Book” (Day 1) Follow my video blog to get the top tips in the industry. By Christa Pynn

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Well, I am jumping off the cliff and adding a “Video Journal” to wwww.animalkrackersmonthly.com. Being a backyard cowgirl, (with calluses on my hand), to a a girl behind the computer, (with calluses on my finger tips), has been overwhelming, yet, awe-inspiring. For those of us who are aspiring writers, painters, and anything creative, we have at our fingertips, the ability to express ourselves in a fulfilling and authentic way. They say, the next 10 years, we are going to experience a movement that brings our world back to the values that America was built on.

These values celebrate the backyard thinkers and people everywhere, willing to create again from their hearts and use their God given talents and gifts. You can already see it in the heart felt messages we are liking everyday on fb. People are writing books, making art and taking chances again. Live your dream, be true to yourself, and appreciate the little things in life.
I truly believe, those of us born in the 50′s and 60′s will be influenced the most. We are the free spirits and the ones who are the entrepreneurs at heart, and of course, we got hit the hardest financially the last 7 years. I have spent so many hours researching all the available options we have at our finger tips, through social media and networking to create anything we can imagine.

I will be sharing these tips and insights with you in a fun video journal, and would love for this to be interactive. I am still trying to figure all of this out, but what I learn, I will share. I also need inspiration to finish my book. This is a place you can ask questions or share insights you may have learned in this process. If you are creative and need to find a way to get it out there, this will be a supportive and encouraging blog. Please subscribe to our  YouTube channel and add your email to www.animalkrackersmonthly.com for weekly updates. Be inspired or share your inspiration!!!

by Christa Pynn